Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Check It Out!

Hey folks! I started a new blog named "Random Mets Blog" and can be found at Hope you check it out and please feel free to comment on what we got. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lawrence O'Donnell vs. Marc Thiessen

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Willie Geist Learns to Curl

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Marco Rubio for Florida Senate 2010

Marco Rubio is running for the Senate from the state of Florida. He is going up against Governor Charlie Christ who many consider to be a RINO (Republican in name only). This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe and for more information about Marco Rubio or to contribute to his campaign go to

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Preview

This Sunday, February 7th, is Super Bowl Sunday. The Indianapolis Colts will be playing the New Orleans Saints for the biggest prize in sports; The Lombardi Trophy. So here are 44 things to know that can help you impress your friends. At the end of it I will give you my prediction (which will most probably be incorrect).

  1. This is NO's first SB appearance
  2. This is IND's 4th SB appearance (2-1 in past 3 SB)
  3. This is the first time since 1993 that both SB teams were #1 seeds in their conferences
  4. Each team has 2 Ohio State Buckeyes (NO: Malcom Jenkins & Will Smith; IND: Roy Hall & Anthony Gonzalez)
  5. Against common opponents NO is 5-0 & IND is 3-2
  6. The NFC has won 12 consecutive coin-tosses
  7. NO Coach Sean Payton was an assistant to Jim Fassell and the Giants in SB XXXV
  8. IND Coach Jim Caldwell is the 5th rookie Head Coach to make the SB
  9. IND has 12 Hall-of-Famers while NO has only 5
  10. Peyton Maning has 7 career playoff games with 300 yards passing
  11. Drew Brees had 7 games this season with 300 yards passing
  12. NO back-up QB Mark Brunell has thrown 182 career TD passes
  13. Reggie Wayne & Dallas Clark each had 100 catches & 10 TDs this season
  14. IND's Linebackers have outtackled NO's Linebackers 263-237
  15. IND's Defensive-Lineman have outsacked NO's Defensive-Lineman 24.5-18
  16. Dwight Freeny had 13.5 sacks this season
  17. Raheem Brock has 28.5 sacks in his 8 year career
  18. IND has not given up any 2nd half points in the playoffs
  19. NO running back Reggie Bush has 258 combined yards (rushing, receiving & returning) this post-season
  20. NO linebacker Jonathan Vilma had 110 tackles in the regular season
  21. IND's Assistant Offensive Line Coach; Pete Metzelaars; played for the Bills in their 4 consecutive SB losses
  22. Reggie Bush is averaging 7.7 yards/carry in the playoffs while only averaging 5.6 yards/carry in the regular season
  23. NO wide receiver Marques Colston was drafted in the 7th round (252nd pick overall) from Hofstra
  24. The Saints have 8 defensive TDs this season; 3 of them are on interception returns by Darren Sharper
  25. 25 Colts & 4 Saints have played in a past SB
  26. Both Manning & Brees have played games at Sun Life Stadium (site of Super Bowl 44) this season
  27. Manning is trying to be the 15th player to win the MVP award & SB in the same year
  28. Brees is trying to be the 4th QB to win the SB with a completion % of 69 or higher
  29. Manning is tied with Colts Legend Johnny Unitas for 3rd all-time with 17 games with 4 or more TD passes
  30. Manning has been sacked only 10 times this season
  31. NO defensive end Will Smith had 13 sacks this season
  32. NO linebacker Scott Fujita has a BA in political science & an MA in education
  33. NO has a TO Ratio of +11 while IND's is only +2
  34. Since 2007 IND is 19-1 when Dallas Clark scores a TD
  35. NO would be the first team to win the SB after losing it's last 3 regular season games
  36. NO has lead the NFL in scoring & total offense the last 2 seasons
  37. IND has outscored their opponents 416-317 in regular season
  38. NO has outscored their opponents 510-341 in regular season
  39. IND kicker Matt Stover has a career 83.7 FG%
  40. IND defense has given up 10 points per game in the playoffs
  41. NO has outscored their opponents 139-48 in the 4th quarter this season
  42. 29 of Jeremy Shockey's 48 catches have been for 1st downs
  43. Pierre Garcon & Austin Collie have combined for 27 rec. 360 yards & 3 TDs in the playoffs
  44. Reggie Wayne has 77 receptions in his playoff career (4th most all-time)

Hope you enjoy these facts & stats. As for the game it's going to be a great one. The possibility of Dwight Freeny not playing probably makes the game closer than it would be if he was healthy. The official prediction for Super Bowl XLIV is Colts 44 Saints 38. Enjoy the game; and remember please drink responsibly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alone in the Shadows: The Triumph of Larry Doby

As BlacK History Month continues here is a video about the triumph of a man who gets little credit for what he did. Everyone (sports fans and non sports fans) know who Jackie Robinson is; but very few people know who Larry Doby is. Here is a little video about what Larry Doby went through.

Please note: I do not take anything away from Jackie Robinson; I just feel that Larry Doby needs to get some more credit that he does.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coca-Cola Black History Timeline

With today being the first day of February; and February being Black History Month; we will be bringing to you some videos related to Black History and those who changed the world.