Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yearbook Dedication

216 days till camp!!!

Here is a list of dedications in past yearbooks, please note that in 2003 there was no yearbook therefore no one got dedicated.

1997- None
1998- Staff of Camp
1999- Rabbi C.
2000- Rabbi Minch
2001- Mark Berkowitz
2002- Jamie Nussbaum
2004- Nurse Aimee
2005- Rabbi Fink
2006- Moshe Kiss
The question becomes who will get the nod for the 2007 yearbook? If you would like to weigh in write a comment for who you think deserves it the most.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


221 days left till camp!!!

In honor of Thanksgiving here are my Top Seven Camp things I'm Thankful for:

7- The fact that Moshe likes me
6- Getting my own radio
5- That I was on the intro of the camp video
4- That I got to be Color War General (if I would have won it probably would have been higher on the list)
3- Yearbook Night
2- Carpool
1- Rabbi C. & Rabbi Fink

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's laughable to think that that Michigan actually has a chance to be playing in the National Championship. In their recent game, which Ohio State won by three points, Ohio State had 3 turnovers, none of which were forced by Michigan. So Ohio State was a -3 in the turnover battle, and they still won!!! Michigan would have been destroyed if Doug Datish would not have snapped the ball properly.

Ohio State should be playing the winner of the USC/Notre Dame game. I'm personally just a little upset that Rutgers lost this past weekend, I would have loved to see Ohio State play Rutgers.

Well now my first blog is over...hope you enjoyed it.