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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look Alikes Part V

This is our 5th Look Alikes post and we have some good ones for you. Our first set it Jeff Daniels (Dumb & Dumber) and Dave Coullier (Full House).

Next we have Dule Hill (The West Wing & Psych) and Deon Richmond (Bud from The Cosby Show).

Our 3rd set is William Devane (Famous character actor) & John Spencer (The West Wing, LA Law, War Games & Forget Paris)

Next we go to William Shatner (Star Trek & the Priceline Negotiator) & Dave Trembley (Manager of the Baltimore Orioles)

Lastly we have Gazoo (from The Flintstones) & Coolio (a Rapper whose famous for the song "Gangsta's Paradise")

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Psych Live 1/25/10

Psych will be returning to television this Wednesday night with guest-star John Cena. This video is of Dule Hill (who plays Gus on Psych) & John Cena answering fan's questions. Sadly the question that I submitted was not asked, but it's a great watch non-the-less.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Israel Sets up Sophisticated Hospital In Haiti

The title basically says it all. Great video and a big Kiddush HaShem.

Greatest Coaches Countdown - #48 Tommy Lasorda

Sport: MLB
Stops: Dodgers (1976 - 1996)
Record: 1,599 - 1,439 (.526 Winning Percentage)
Championships: 2

Fun Facts
  1. In 21 seasons with the Dodgers, Lasorda managed nine N.L. rookies of the year - including four straight from 1979 - 1982 and five straight from 1992 - 1996

  2. Tommy Lasorda is the godfather of Mike Piazza whom he drafted in the 62nd round of the 1988 MLB Draft

  3. In the 2001 MLB All-Star Game Lasorda was the 3rd Base Coach. Vladimir Guerrero's bat went flying out of his hands and hit Lasorda causing him to flip head over heals

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scott Brown for Senator of Massachusetts

Chuck Todd talking about how the Democrats are scared of Scott Brown & the Republicans.

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Scott Brown on The Kudlow Report talking about taxes and health-care amongst other issues.

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Chuck Todd again talking about how important this Senate election in Massachusetts is.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Greatest Coaches Countdown - #49 Gregg Popovich

Sport: NBA
Stops: Spurs (1996 - Present)
Record: 686 - 330 (.675 Winning Percentage)
Championships: 4

Fun Facts
  1. Popovich is one of four NBA coaches who have at least 100 playoff wins. The others are Phil Jackson, Pat Riley & Larry Brown.
  2. The '96 - '97 season was the only one of his Spurs coaching career that the Spurs did not make the playoffs.
  3. Popovich was named NBA Coach of the Year in 2003.

Below is a video were Popovich shows off his sense of humor against Shaq & the Phoenix Suns.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best by the Numbers - Boston Edition

Once again we have a players list based on their uniform numbers. This time we focus on the 4 professional sports teams in the Boston area (Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots & Bruins).

  1. Andrew Raycroft
  2. Eddie Shore
  3. Dennis Johnson - This Celtic great played with Bird, McHale & Parish and had his #3 retired by the team in 1991
  4. Adam Vinetieri - I know that Hall of Famer Bobby Orr wore #4 for the Bruins but I went with Vinetieri to show some love for the kickers
  5. Kevin Garnett
  6. Bill Russell - The 11 time NBA Champion was an excellent defensive player
  7. Trot Nixon
  8. Carl Yastrzemski - in 1967 "Yaz" became the last player to complete the Triple Crown
  9. Ted Williams - Not only was he a feared hitter, but he was also a Veteran from WWII and the Korean War
  10. Jo Jo White
  11. Drew Bledsoe
  12. Tom Brady
  13. Delonte West
  14. Bob Cousy - Cousy lead the league in assists for 11 straight years.
  15. Kevin Millar
  16. Satch Sanders
  17. John Havlicek - "Hondo" played his college ball at The Ohio State University
  18. Daisuke Matsuzaka
  19. Josh Beckett
  20. Ray Allen
  21. Roger Clemens
  22. Asante Samuel
  23. Craig Janney
  24. Manny Ramirez - Man-Ram was the MVP of the 2004 World Series
  25. K.C. Jones
  26. Wade Boggs
  27. Carlton Fisk - One of the greatest catchers of all time was immortalized in 1975 against the Reds in the World Series
  28. Curtis Martin
  29. Shawn Springs
  30. Tim Thomas - The Hockey player; not the Basketball player
  31. Cedric Maxwell
  32. Kevin McHale
  33. Larry Bird - In his career he averaged 24 points and 10 rebounds a game
  34. David Ortiz
  35. Reggie Lewis
  36. Lawyer Milloy
  37. Rodney Harrison
  38. Curt Schilling - Two words: "Bloody Sock"
  39. Lawrence Maroney
  40. Mike Haynes
  41. Victor Martinez
  42. Mo Vaughn - Won the MVP award in 1995
  43. Kendrick Perkins
  44. Danny Ainge
  45. Pedro Martinez - One of the greatest moments of his career was the 1999 All-Star game when he struck out 5 of the 6 batters he faced
  46. Jacoby Ellsbury
  47. Rod Beck
  48. Lee Smith - Is currently 3rd on the All-Time Saves list with 478 Saves
  49. Tim Wakefield
  50. Mike Vrabel - The former Ohio State LB was used as an eligible receiver many times and has caught over 10 TDs in his career
  51. Jerod Mayo
  52. Ted Johnson
  53. Larry Izzo
  54. Tedy Bruschi - In 2005 Bruschi suffered a stroke, but came back to play later that year getting the Comeback Player of the Year Award
  55. Junior Seau
  56. Andre Tippett
  57. Steve Nelson
  58. Jonathan Pappelbon
  59. Vincent Brown
  60. Scott Rehberg
  61. Clay Buchholz
  62. Jon Lester - Less than 2 years after being diagnosed with lymphoma he threw a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals
  63. Joe Andruzzi
  64. Dave Wohlabaugh
  65. Damien Woody
  66. Scott Pollard
  67. Dan Koppen
  68. Ryan O'Callaghan
  69. Ryan Wendell
  70. Logan Mankins
  71. Russ Hochstein
  72. Matt Light
  73. John Hannah - His last name is a palindrome
  74. Rich Baldinger
  75. Vince Wilfork
  76. Brandon Gorin
  77. Ray Bourque - From 1985 - 2000 Bourque was the team captain of the Bruins
  78. Bruce Armstrong
  79. Jim Lee Hunt
  80. Troy Brown
  81. Randy Moss
  82. Daniel Graham
  83. Wes Welker
  84. Ben Watson
  85. Nick Buoniconti - Was probably best known for being part of the '72 Miami Dolphins team; but before that he played for the Patriots
  86. Stanley Morgan
  87. Ben Coates
  88. Terry Glenn
  89. Bob Dee
  90. Toby Williams
  91. Marc Savard
  92. Ray Agnew
  93. Richard Seymour
  94. Ty Warren
  95. Tully Banta-Cain
  96. Adalius Thomas
  97. Jarvis Green
  98. Shawn Crable
  99. Mike Wright

Honorable Mention: 00. Robert Parish - I don't give the # 0 or 00 on this list normally but "The Chief" was a great player for the Celtics for a long time

Friday, January 8, 2010

Greatest Coaches Countdown - #50 Herb Brooks

Sport: NHL
Stops: New York Rangers (1981 - 1985)
Minnesota North Stars (1987 - 1988)
New Jersey Devils (1992 - 1993)
Pittsburgh Penguins (1999 - 2000)
Record: 219-221-66 (.498 Winning Percentage)
Championships: 1 Gold Medal
Fun Facts
  1. Herb Brooks coached Team USA to the "Miracle On Ice" gold in 1980 and a silver in the 2002 Olympics. In the 5 Olympics between, the Americans did not win any medals.
  2. Two movies were made of the 1980 Olympic team. In 1981s "Miracle On Ice" Karl Malden portrayed Herb Brooks and in 2004s "Miracle" Kurt Russell played the legendary coach.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 9 Randy Johnson Moments

Here is a list of the Top 9 moments that I'll remember from Randy Johnson's career.

9. Randy playing himself in the movie "Little Big League"

8. Randy kills a bird when throwing a pitch

7. Randy was in a couple of classic commercials, including one for Nike where he was trying to hit a baseball from a pitching machine and missing terribly

6. 5 time Cy Young award winner including 4 in a row from 1999-2002

5. MLB All-Star appearances against John Kruk (1993) and Larry Walker (1997)

4. On May 18th 2004 Randy becomes oldest pitcher to throw a perfect game

3. Randy pitches a 3 hit shut-out in 1995 against the California Angels to lead the Mariners into the playoffs

2. June 4th 2009 Randy Johnson becomes the 24th player to win 300 games

1. Randy Johnson's Co-MVP in the 2001 World Series

LHP Randy Johnson Retires

Randy Johnson has retired after 22 years as a Major League Pitcher. He was one of the most dominant/intimidating pitchers of this generation (if not of all time).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mike Holmgren's Press Conference

Mike Holmgren is the new President of the Cleveland Browns. Here is his introductory press conference. In it he discusses the coaching situation, GM situation, Josh Cribbs' contract situation and some other pertinent issues. He was engaging as well as entertaining and hopefully he can help turn the Browns around to a playoff team.