Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greatest Choaches Countdown - #42 Geno Auriemma

Sport: Women's College Basketball
Stops: Connecticut (1985 - Present)
Record: 696 - 122 (.851 Winning Percentage)
Championships: 6

Fun Facts
  1. Before Auriemma arrived, UConn's women had one winning season in 11 years. In his 24 seasons as coach they've had one losing season
  2. In 2006 he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as well as the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame


Laurie Jones said...

Icky, thanks for recognizing Geno as a great coach. P.S. He's won 7 championships.

Menudo said...

Thanks for your feedback!

This list of the 50 greatest coaches is from the Aug. 3rd 2009 issue of The Sporting News so all the stats are as of then.

Hope you come back again!