Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Four Favorite Commercials from Super Bowl XLV

One week ago, like many other people I was watching Super Bowl 45 between the Packers and Steelers. I was at a Super Bowl party with about 30 people and I was probably the only one there who actually cared about watching the game. As much as I enjoy watching the game I do love the commercials. Here are my favorite four from this year's Super Bowl, why four?, because that's all I liked.

The first one was an NFL commercial. It combined two of my favorite things: TV shows and football.

Next is this Volkswagon commercial. It's just super-cute, simple and has some humor.

The next one is a Budweiser commercial. I haven't liked a Budweiser commercial since the "Budweiser Frogs", but this was funny and I like the song "Tiny Dancer"

The final one that I liked was this Chrysler commercial. It makes a clear point, you know what they're selling (which is more of an issue in some ads than you'd think) and it uses Eminem and one of his excellent songs.

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