Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Day in Sports History - 9/5/1972

Eleven Israeli athletes, five terrorists and a German policeman are killed during a 23-hour drama that begins with an invasionof the Olympic village in Munich by terrorists. It ends in a shootout at a military airport some 15 miles away as the terrorists attempt to fly to Cairo with their Israeli hostages. The first two Israelis are killed earlier in the day when the terrorists, armed with automatic rifles, break into headquartersof the Israeli team and seize the nine others as hostages. The terrorists demand the release of more than 200 Arab commandos imprisoned in Israel. The bloodbath brings about a suspension of the Games and there is some doubt the Olympics will continue. However; Avery Brundage, chairman of the IOC, famously says, "The games must go on," and 34 hours later competition resumes.

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