Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Good Guys

Nowadays in Sports the "Bad Boy" image is alive and well. All you need to do is watch Sportscenter as they report about the 8th Cincinnati Bengal this season to be arrested/suspended for any number of things. Or listen to the radio as they talk about players named T.O., Ron Artest, Steven Jackson (of the Pacers not the Rams), Barry Bonds, or any player who went to "The U". Unfortunately because of these people all athletes get a bad name. Unfortunately The Sporting News only has their "Good Guys" issue once a year. So this post is in honor of the good guys.

Dikembe Mutombo - the 7 foot 4 Center has built hospitals and schools in Africa.

LaDainian Tomlinson - after breaking the single season record for touchdowns with three games left to go in the season L.T. stayed after the game to talk with underprivileged youth instead of going out with his teammates and celebrating his accomplishment.

Everson Walls - most people probably never heard of Everson Walls, the truth is that before I heard this story on Jim Rome's radio show I had never heard of him either. Everson Walls was a player for the Dallas Cowboys (back when they were America's Team...not America's Most Wanted). He recently gave one of his kidneys to Ron Springs (father of NFLer Shawn Springs) a former teammate of his. Everson Walls did not give of his time, he did not give of his money he gave of himself...literally.

There are many more athletes who have done good things, I would not want to leave anyone out and that is why I'm only mentioning 3 athletes. Let us celebrate and idolize these guys and people like them.

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