Monday, December 4, 2006

BCS National Championship Game

On January 8th the Ohio State Buckeyes will be going up against the Florida Gators. Here are a few of my thoughts on this games. Both teams have explosive offenses, both have good young defenses, both have excellent coaches. For Ohio State this will be the 3rd time this season they will be playing the #2 team in College Football (the other two being Texas and Michigan). Also Ohio State needs to run the ball effectively because Florida has a few of their D-linemen imjured, so the more Ohio State can run the more time Florida's defense will be on the field and they'll be very tired. When Florida has the ball Ohio State needs to remember 2 things, if you get pressure on Chris Leak he'll make mistakes, also when freshman QB Tim Tebow comes on the field he runs to the left, never to the right always to the left.

Mr. Big Game a.k.a. Troy Smith will have to lead his team if they want to win this game, it can definitely be done but it will be difficult.

Go Buckeyes!!!

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Mo said...

I absolutly agree... Moshe should definitly get the dedication! Go Moshe!!!!