Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl is the Head Coach of the Tennessee Men's Basketball Team. On Monday night Pearl was at a game between the Tennessee Women's Team and the number one ranked Duke team (as pictured to the left). Many people have a problem with the fact that a Head Coach is sitting in the stands with students and is shirtless and body-painted. They feel that since he is the coach he needs to lead by example and not do juvenile thing like this. They say that Bobby Knight would never do this, neither would Coach K or Roy Williams. That may be true but that doesn't mean what Pearl is doing is wrong.
I would like to say on the contrary how wonderful it is what Pearl is doing. Firstly in many colleges the men's teams and women's teams are at odds with each other and one coach wouldn't be caught dead at the other's game. Here Pearl is cheering vigorously for the women's squad. Secondly he's showing the kids that he is not one of these coaches who only care during practice and game time, here he is during his off time socializing with the students. Thirdly, it's not like he's doing anything illegal, like drugs or alcohol. He is being a positive role model and having some fun while he's at it .
So I say to Bruce Pearl keep up the fun and keep up the winning, unless of course you are playing Ohio State and then just keep up the fun.

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