Monday, February 26, 2007

My Top Ten Favorite Cavs Players

It is now a little after the All-Star break in the NBA, and I've decided to unveil my 10 favorite people who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

10- Craig Ehlo: Ehlo is probably most famous for guarding Michael Jordan in the playoffs when Jordan traveled (of course not called) and hit a shot to beat the Cavs.

9-Andre Miller: Miller was supposed to be the point-guard of the future, well he wasn't, but he still makes my list.

8-Bobby Phills: he started his career as a backup to Gerald Wilkins (who by the way I can't stand), and ended as a good player. Sadly his untimely death shortened his career that could have been much better.

7-Anderson Varejao: the big haired F/C is the sparkplug that the Cavs need off the bench.

6-Zydrunus Illgauskus: this YU (Yuguslavia University) graduate has made a real name for himself in the NBA.

5-Terrell Brandon: learned from Mark Price how to be an NBA point guard.

4-John "Hot Rod" Williams: he probably would not have been this high if not for his great nickname.

3-LeBron James: The King is great, but it's time he takes the Cavs to the next level.

2-Mark Price: Price has made the most 3 pointers by a Cavalier, he is also first amongst Cavs in assists, steals and free-throw percentage.

1-Brad Daugherty: if not for knee problems he could have been on of the best centers in NBA history. Also when I was on the ASHAR Basketball Team I wore the number 43 in honor of Daugherty who had retired that year.

Pictured are Daugherty (43), Price (25), and James (23)

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