Thursday, February 22, 2007

TV Show Characters

I love to watch TV. I enjoy many TV shows. There are many shows who have great main characters. Others have a good group of characters. Here is a list of my favorite characters from some of my favorite TV shows. Most people who will appear on this list will not be the main characters, but without them the show would not have been as enjoyable.

  1. Wilson from Home Improvement: Wilson is the neighbor that everyone would love to have, never seen and only heard when you need him.
  2. Margret from The West Wing: The West Wing is packed with characters who have better story lines, but Margret is wonderful as the Secretary to Leo McGarry and then to C.J. Craig.
  3. Van from Reba: I'm embarrassed to say that I have watched Reba, but the only reason that I continue to watch it is because of Van.
  4. Detective John Munch from Law & Order SVU: Richard Belzer does a great job in SVU. Only in Law & Order can a Jewish comedian be partners with the "Original Gangsta" Ice-T.
  5. Greg Warner from Yes, Dear: Greg had to deal with his brother-in-law at home and work, which made for some very funny episodes.
  6. Buddy Lembeck from Charles in Charge: With Scott Baio who is 2nd to Ted McGinley in killing shows (check out to see what I'm talking about here) Charles in Charge needed some comedy to it. Enter Willie Aames as Charles' fun loving sidekick Buddy. It's just a shame he didn't get a spin-off.
  7. Dr. Cox from Scrubs: He is the cynical and sinister doctor on Scrubs.
  8. Radar O'reilly from MASH: Radar was just a boy when he entered the show, but became a man right before our eyes, even though he was still drinking grape sodas and Rosie's.
  9. Mr. Richard Belding from Saved by the Bell: Growing up with this show Mr. Belding was the Principal I always wanted. For a total dork he was always there for the students, even when Zack Morris did anything stupid (like in every single episode, you'd think that he'd learn what not to do by the time he was a Senior but no he kept on doing all the stupid stuff).
  10. Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World: Cory was the main character, Shawn was the "Rebellious one", Eric was the funny one.

Well this is my list. Of course there are so many more I could have added like the ladies from the Golden Girls, and that monkey from Friends, but had I added them where would it have stopped, so sadly not everyone was able to make the list.

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