Sunday, April 8, 2007

My American League Preview

With the MLB season only one week old I figured I would put in my two cents worth of baseball knowledge. Now I'm doing the AL preview and a little later today I'll do the NL preview.

First my Division winners

AL East- Boston: They have the pitching and the hitting which beats the Yankees who only have the hitting.

AL Central- Cleveland: The Indians have some great hitters, as long as Fausto Carmona can hold down the fort while Cliff Lee is rehabbing they should be just fine.

AL West- Oakland: They always find a way to win and this year with Mike Piazza at DH he will be hitting great once again.

AL Wild Card- Detroit: Gary Sheffield adds some legitimate pop in their lineup, and their bullpen is great once again.

AL Cy Young (I'm not just giving it to Johan Santana)- Disuke Matsuzaka: If he can pitch every game like he did against the Royals then there is no doubt that he will be up there in the voting.

AL MVP- Grady Sizemore: First of all Peter Gammons picked him to win, and you never pick against Gammons. Secondly, he can hit for average, power and he can steal bases. He is also the catalyst for the Indians potent line-up.

And the team who will represent the American League in the WORLD SERIES will be:

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