Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Ten Favorite Family Guy Characters (not including the family)

10. Evil Monkey - "he wasn't always evil"
9. Mr. Weed - R.I.P., died in the episode "Mr. Saturday Knight"
8. Tom Tucker - I wish he did the news here in Monsey
7. Death - nothing like scaring Peter Frampton into singing for Peter
6. Mort Goldman - "Please flush twice, once for the bulk and the rest for the remainder"
5. The Chicken - if he'd be on more often he probably would be higher up on this list
4. Dr. Hartman - his shtick is great, they should have more storylines for him
3. Cleveland - "you are the height of just-to-muchery"
2. Mayor West - I would love Batman to be my Mayor
1. Ollie Williams - "It's gon' rain" WE WANT MORE OLLIE!!!

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